The Salvation Army Scarborough Citadel Christmas Kettle Ministry


Kettle_Volunteer.jpgFlexible hours

Monday to Saturday

Nov 16 through to Dec 24th


Scarborough Town Centre

Wal-Mart (Eglinton at Pharmacy)

Costco (Warden at Ellesmere)

LCBO (Warden at Eglinton)

LCBO (Victoria Park at Ellesmere)

Parkway Mall (Victoria Park at Ellesmere)



What do you do as a Christmas Kettle Volunteer? You will stand at one of the above locations, with a smile and wishing people a Merry Christmas as they go about their busy lives.


This is an opportunity to represent The Salvation Army in your community as we raise money to fund our local community run activities all through 2019.


How can you get involved?

Please contact Tammy at: 416-759-1721 (Ext. 714)

Or email: Tammy_Smallwood@scarboroughcitadel.ca

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