Scarborough Citadel Church Library


The library is open!


The Corps library contains about 6,000 volumes on many subjects. Seventy Percent of the books are on religious subjects and the rest are on mixed subjects plus novels. The library is about the third largest church library in Ontario.

Library Contents:

There is a large selection of “Salvation Army” magazines both old and modern.  We have a large collection of recorded material on tapes and old 45 rpm records, mostly of Salvation Army Recordings. There is a collection of “National Geographics” from 1960 to 2000 and several unique pieces like the copy of the “Shroud Of Turin”.

We have over 130 hard cover editions of “Readers Digest” books and a new selection of “fiction” volumes. 

It is quite easy to borrow a book.  One can lookup the subject or book that one wants and then retrieve it from the shelf, then simply sign it out on the sign-out paper.


The Library is always open as it is “self-serve” and is located in the Scarborough Citadel chapel.

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Library Book Lists

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